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July 9th: AxoSim publishes first study confirming human myelination of human iPSC neurons in Scientific Reports.



Our technology enables researchers to predict human outcomes in the lab. We deliver accurate preclinical testing to help develop safer, more effective drugs.



Almost 90% of drugs that look promising in animal models fail when tested in humans, driving up the average cost and time of new drug development to $2.6 billion and 10 years or more. We deliver predictive human data in just weeks and at a fraction of the cost of in vivo studies.


Clinical Success

Achieve the predictive readouts critical to your R&D success. We deliver clinically-relevant functional and structural metrics to improve success rates.


AxoSim's Nerve-on-a-Chip® platform facilitates prediction of both clinical neurotoxicity and efficacy in human neurodegenerative disease models earlier in the drug development pipeline.


The Mini Brain is a high quality 3D miniature brain organoid designed to serve as a human-relevant model in preclinical drug discovery.

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