The AxoSim Platform

Our revolutionary Nerve-on-a-Chip® platform grows living human cells in a proprietary 3D environment to mimic nerve tissue in both form and function. We focus on predicting clinical outcomes. We deliver human data, faster.

Platform Steps


First create the building blocks for the platform by organizing multi-cellular primary cultures, or iPSCs, into 3D organoids. Replicate critical cell-cell interactions for a more accurate model.

Implant the organoids into AxoSim's Nerve-on-a-Chip® to grow biomimetic human tissue. Build an unparalleled model of the human nervous system that allows for clinical level testing in-vitro.



Use the assay to perform clinically relevant nerve conduction tests to measure changes in electrophysiological properties that reflect the effects on the real human nervous system. This metric is currently only available through in vitro testing and has never been possible in a human model.


Correlate structural changes to functional metrics through histomorphometry and gain key insights into the human mechanism of action that would normally take millions of dollars and years of testing and clinical trials to achieve.

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